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April 05, 2008

Review: D-Link Powerline HD Network Starter Kit

Richard Kuper
The Kuper Report

As you might have surmised by the name of this product, it uses your electric power line. This kit comes with two DHP-300 Ethernet Adapter devices, two ethernet cables, a quick install guide, and, of course, a CD. Additional DHP-300 Ethernet Adapters can be purchased separately.

Setup is very simple. Follow the provided instructions (not my summary here) for the correct order of steps and specifics.

My goal was to be able to connect a notebook PC to the internet at the same speed as the desktop pc in a different room. I plugged one of the units into an outlet and connected it via a provided ethernet cable to my router. I plugged the other one into the outlet in the room near where I wanted to connect the notebook PC. I followed the onscreen instructions in the order instructed, including encryption information. Once I was done, I connected the other provided ethernet cable to the unit in the other room and connected it to the notebook pc. Within moments I was online and surfing away at the same speed as on the desktop pc via my cable modem.

You can also use the kit to set up a small network, or buy extra adapters to connect additional devices. According to the box, you can use the Powerline HD to "stream HD video and enjoy intense online gaming". And according to the website, "D-Link’s Powerline HD Ethernet Adapter is ideal for connecting an Ethernet-enabled digital media device such as a Tivo® or Slingbox™ to your network and the Internet."

Some things to note:

First, the ethernet adapters get very, very hot and stay that way, so be careful.

Second, for this to work, all the electric outlets in question need to be on the same self-contained grid. For most, this will not be an issue. However, if, for example, your had your home or office wired in such a way that the computer and such are on their own grid so that they are not affected by power issues in the rest of the office or home, then this won't work unless you run an extension cord or otherwise provide connection to that other grid so that the units are on the same grid.

If the caveats above are not an issue for you, and you want faster speed than wireless and a quick and easy way to set up a network or expand the number of pc's that can connect to the internet, then look into the D-Link Powerline Network Starter Kit.

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