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December 19, 2008

Review: Composite and component cables for iPod from Griffin Technology

Richard Kuper
The Kuper Report

If your iPod is capable of sending video or graphic images to TV, then instead of viewing the videos or images on a tiny little screen, you can view them on your TV or monitor. If you want to hear the audio files you have on your iPod on a real stereo system, then these cables will give you that option. All connectors are color-coded for easy connecting.

With either of these cables from Griffin Technology and the included PowerBlock AC Adapter you can also:
  • Connect your iPod to your computer to download songs, videos, images, and also charge your iPod via your computer.
  • Charge your iPod from a wall outlet via the PowerBlock AC Adapter (and you can do this even while watching videos on your TV or listening to music on your stereo system).
  • Charge any usb device via the PowerBlock AC Adapter.
If your TV or home entertainment system only accepts one yellow-coded cable for video, then you will want Griffin’s Composite Video Cable for iPod.

If your TV or monitor has three video inputs (Red, Green, and Blue), then you will want Griffin's Component Video Cable for iPod.

Important caveats if you are thinking of getting these cables to see the video or images stored on your iPod displayed on your TV or monitor. First, check to see if your iPod has that option. Not all do, and the default setting is for this feature not to be enabled. So assuming your iPod has the option to send output to TV, you will need to first turn that option on. There are no instructions that come with the cables telling you this, so be sure to check your iPod first. I discovered, for example, that the iPod nano (1st generation) does not have an option to send the images to TV. I even went and got the latest software update but that option did not show up anywhere on the 1st generation iPod nano. Also, these cables are not for iPods that only have a usb connection.

If the caveats are not an issue, then check out these cables from Griffin Technology. They list for $49.99.

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