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October 04, 2008

Review: NXPowerLite Revisited

Richard Kuper
The Kuper Report

Back in July 2006 I reviewed a product called NXPowerLite, the file compression software developed by British company Neuxpower Solutions Ltd., that did some serious shrinking of powerpoint files. The product has expanded its capabilities since then and can now compress Word and Excel files as well.

Back in 2006 I reported that NXPowerLite was able to shrink some of my PowerPoint files by up to 77%. I went back and used a more recent version of NXPowerLite and got similar results to those reported in my previous review. Now that the product also shrinks Word and Excel files, I went in search of some large files. I don't use Excel much these days, and so I didn't have any files that needed shrinking. I did, however, have a few Word files I could try, and I did. In some cases I got minimal shrinkage, but with one very large file (16.3MB) containing lots of text and embedded graphics and documents, NXPowerLite reduced it to 5.1MB, or to less than 1/3 of its original size using "normal" compression, and it shrank it down to 4.5MB with "extra compression." Amazing.

Even more amazing, the price is still only $45 for a single copy, and less if you get multiple copies. It is also available in a server edition.

NXPowerLite even received NATO accreditation after being successfully deployed by Headquarters Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (HQ ARRC) for a demanding military campaign in Afghanistan.

Are you looking for a product that will enable you to carry around many more of your files on your usb drive? Perhaps you need to shrink that file so you can send it in an email? Maybe you need more space on your hard drive and wish you could just shrink some of your larger PowerPoint, Word, or Excel files. If you need to shrink your files for any reason at all,
NXPowerLite is the product for you.

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